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ACEX delivers national arts around the world

    ACEX specialists shipped a ton of russian matryoshkas abroad

    When customs officials at the airport Domodedovo inspected the cargo, on the one hand, they were happy that the Russian art in such scales (about 1 ton) is needed abroad, and on the other hand, deep inside they were sad that handmade goods leave their homeland.

    Matryoshkas, jewelry boxes, magnets, wooden eggs, dolls and other Russian national applied arts hand painted souvenirs were shipped to Chicago (USA), Munich (Germany), Paris (France). These items from the Russian land have become a sales hit in such stores as Best Pisanki Gift Shop in the U.S. and babushka in the UK and Australia.

    «Olga Turukina arranges customs clearance of the cargo herself in Shatura and delivers it to Moscow. We meet it here, complete customs formalities and ship to the destination», - Airfreight Department Senior Expert in Domodedovo airport Vladimir Tsyntsar tells.

    IE «Turukina» have been an ACEX customer for about 10 years. During that time she has expanded her business by growing trainees in painting.

    Products of creative entrepreneurs already adorn the houses of customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Vietnam, China, Sweden, the UK, Japan, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Thailand, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

    «When I contact the recipients in the other country, I feel how reverential, warm and friendly relations have been established between them and Olga Turukina. That is not just a cargo, not just boxes. It seems to me that the product itself sets up such an attitude. And, of course, the quality of goods and services», - Airfreight Department Expert Evgeniya Solomko, who is in charge of the transportations, says.

    Transportation is performed at the expense of the recipient at the destination airport under the terms of freight collect, what makes specialists, who conduct all the logistics stages, be very careful.

    This and other articles written by container transportation specialists you can read more detailed on our website: http://www.acex.net/en/press_center/news/2486/


    Источник: ACEX Group / Опубликовано: 05.05.2014

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